Terms of Service

Last Updated: March 11th, 2024

The Bank AI project (“Bank AI”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is committed to delivering transparency and clear communication in all of our activities and presentations. The content provided on our website, in our Documentation, and within our Whitepaper is solely for informational purposes and is not intended as legal, financial, business, or tax advice. Individuals contemplating engagement with any Bank AI services or platforms, including Bankpad, are encouraged to seek guidance from professional advisors.

Bank AI, its affiliates, team members, and any third-party service providers expressly disclaim any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages incurred from the use of information from our Whitepaper, related materials, or any associated websites, including but not limited to [https://www.bankai.app]. No representations or warranties are made by Bank AI, and any implied contractual terms or obligations are explicitly disclaimed.

Our disclosures, whether in the Whitepaper or public announcements, may contain forward-looking statements related to market projections, operational strategies, financial forecasts, and risk assessments. These projections are speculative and subject to inherent risks; thus, actual outcomes may differ materially.

Involvement with Bank AI, including participation in token staking, use of Bankpad, or interaction with the Vaultum Volume Bot, carries intrinsic risks. These include technological risks inherent in blockchain and AI technologies, market risks such as fluctuating interest from the community, and the potential volatility in token valuation.

This document is not an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment. It details the technical aspects of the Bank AI platform and is intended to communicate information about Bank AI’s functionalities. Redistribution of this document without authorization is strictly prohibited, and the information must not be shared with individuals in jurisdictions where such sharing is restricted by law.

The completeness, accuracy, or reliability of information provided by Bank AI across all media is not guaranteed. Our team and agents shall not be liable for any reliance on the content made available through various channels.

Information presented by Bank AI is subject to change without notice and may not fully encompass the breadth of our services or intentions. None of the content constitutes a binding contract or a part of one. Updates to our Whitepaper and other materials may occur to reflect the latest insights and developments.

Dissemination of information to individuals in regions where such activities are restricted by law is not permitted.

This legal notice serves to inform all participants and stakeholders of the terms and conditions, risks, and legal stipulations related to Bank AI. It is crucial to read and understand this document thoroughly before participating in any Bank AI-related services.

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