Overview & Launch Add-ons

Congratulations on reaching the final review stage before launching your token on BankPad! This is a critical step where you can meticulously review all the details and settings you've selected for your token's debut. Let's ensure that every aspect aligns with your vision and strategy. Once you've thoroughly reviewed all the sections and confirmed that the information is accurate and reflects your project's objectives, you'll be all set to proceed with confidence. The launch of your token is a significant milestone—so take a deep breath, ensure everything is in order, and when you're ready, initiate the launch to bring your vision to the crypto ecosystem!

  1. Delay Trading:

This feature allows for a brief pause before trading of your token goes live. By delaying trading for 60 seconds, you are afforded the opportunity to prepare and distribute the contract address to potential traders ahead of time, ensuring they are ready to engage in trading activities as soon as it begins.

  1. Manually Enable Trading:

Opting for this add-on means that your token's trading will not commence immediately upon deployment. Instead, you will have control over the exact timing of the launch within the next 7 days, giving you flexibility and the ability to coordinate market entry according to your strategy. If not manually enabled by you, trading will automatically be activated after 7 days, providing a fail-safe to ensure your token does go live.


As you finalize the launch process, you will:

  • Deploy your contract and add initial liquidity on the deployment, establishing the foundation for trading.

  • Lock or Burn initial liquidity to secure the market and provide confidence to your investors about the stability and commitment to the token's longevity.

  • By proceeding, you are agreeing to the BankPad Terms of Use, confirming your compliance with the platform's policies and procedures.

Important Reminder

Please note that your token will be live and tradable immediately after the contract is created unless you select one of the add-on features to delay or manually control the commencement of trading. This is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your token's initial market behavior, so choose wisely based on your launch strategy.

Once you have reviewed all the options and add-ons, and you're confident with the setup, you may proceed to the exciting moment of launching your token by clicking the "Launch Token" button. Congratulations on reaching this pivotal milestone!

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